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We're back....

After our little break... we're back!!!

All rested, recharged and raring to go - we're back to help you resolve your IT issue and help you to get more out of your IT than you thought possible!

So - we're back to provide you with the services shown below.

Tech. Support and Training, Website design and development..... and databases and development services.

So everything that's been irritating you about your IT... pick up the phone and call us - or email us... and let's see about fixing them!

* Please note that our email address has changed - it's now... herasystemsnz@gmail.com

Who are Hera Systems Limited...?

Hera Systems are the people that take away the pain of sorting out your IT - and leave you to get on with your job while we worry about the IT!

We are based on the beautiful Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington - and we cover the Greater Wellington, Kapiti/Horowhenua - up to Palmerston North.

Our services are wide ranging, as you'd expect from a 'one-stop-shop' - and from our experience we should be able to help you with virtually every issue you have.

It doesn't even matter what type of computer you're using - it can be a Windows PC, an Apple Mac, a laptop (or possibly a smartphone), a tablet - or even a unix/linux PC - we use them all and we can support them.

Beyond the basic support service we offer - there's also training, website design, database design and support, - and networking.

We don't mind if you're a home user or a business - everyone deserves the best support they can get - so pick up the phone and call us!

IT Support and Training

When your computers are giving you a hard time - or the printers are refusing to print - or the network or internet seems to have gone into hiding - that's when Hera Systems can help you get back on track!

We all have those days - the computers are playing up, the clients are asking when you're coming to sort them out... and you're finding there's not enough time to get everything done. That's when you need us!

We can take that pain away - so that you can get on with doing what you should be doing - running your business and dealing with your clients... while we get on with sorting out your computers so that when you need them, they're working properly!

Whether it's a desktop that's playing up... or a laptop... or a tablet/smartphone that's having issues - we use them all, we've supported them all... and that means that we can sort them out for you!

Even the network - or the internet connection - can be sorted!


This is something that everyone forgets about... because - hey, you buy the computer from the same place you buy your toys and white goods from, so how hard can it be...?

Well... the answer is - 'You'll be surprised!'

The basics... turning the machines on and off... using the mouse; that's all standard stuff - and nearly everyone has those skills. But do you know why Windows does things the way it does... how it actually organises your documents and photos? You'd be surprised how many people haven't a clue - and don't realise how a bit of knowledge here would make their computing lives easier!

It's not just the basics though.... over the years we've supported many users and taught them how to use their software and organise their documents and data.

Because of our special interests in media - audio-visual and graphics, we can help you with topics like DTP, audio and video recording and editing - and probably most needed nowdays - digital photography and image editing/retouching! (Did we mention that our principal instructor was a professional photographer as well...?)

Most people have a worry about what IT support costs.... Well - consider that our hourly rate is less than those rates charged by our competitors - so there's the first saving. We then slice the time for you - and we charge by the 15 minute block - which means that if you go over the hour, unlike our competitors, we won't charge you an extra full hour - only to the nearest quarter hour!

Websites and Media

Hera Systems helps you get visible on the web - so that your clients can see what you do!

Nowdays it's impossible to be in business and not have a website - a 'point of presence' - on the internet. The problem is that people aren't quite sure what constitutes a website.

We have 'Yellow Online', Facebook, Blogspot, Wordpress... so many others and, of course, actual websites. This distinction is important - Yellow online is a directory service - not a web site, Facebook is primarily a social networking site that has been extended to include business pages (which aren't really all that configurable) and then Blogspot and Wordpress are basically blogging platforms that you can configure to a much greater degree and then you have real website which can be designed to look exactly the way you want!

Where Hera Systems can help is that we've been designing what are known as 'brochure websites' - the sort that showcases what you have to offer to your clients and persuades them to pick up the phone and call you - or to email you. The only thing we don't do is 'E-Commerce' websites - at the moment!

We create these websites using tools like Dreamweaver and Photoshop - and they're custom built to be fast loading and responsive. We can also build you a website around Blogspot or Wordpress - and we try to ensure that the costs are kept down - as not everyone has several thousand dollars to spend on a website!

Because websites usually need graphics and/or multimedia, we can offer you the options of either having them created in-house - thanks to our graphics/multimedia background - or at higher cost - we can bring in external designers for graphic design and media work

We will be posting details of any offers we have - or fixed price deals - so you if you're thinking of a website, you should give us a call and we can see how Hera Systems can help you!

Some examples of our websites are shown below!

Copycatzvideo FeedMeMilling Epic Surf School Hookway Tutoring


If you have problems with managing your database - or you know you need a database but don't know where to go... we can help you!

Most people have an idea of what a database is and what it might do - but they frequently get them confused with other applications, such as spreadsheets.

It's true that if your data needs are very simple, you can use a spreadsheet as a method of storing simple tabular information. However - if your need are more complicated or you're really needing a custom application to use with that data, then you need to think 'database' and you need to call us.

Database relationshipsWe've been workign with databases for many years now - and we specialise in Microsoft Access, which is a quite competent desktop database and used by many different companies for various allplications - and also with Oracle MySQL, which is designed for much 'heavier' applications and data processing. It has a number of advantages - such that you can access the database over the internet, via a web application - and it can handle considerably more data than Access can!

If you need us to create new databases for you - or to support your existing databases, you can call us to discuss your needs.

Simple web database interfaceAccess databases will obviously stay within the Access application - but Oracle MySQL databases can be built with either a traditional tabular interface (quicker, more affordable - an example is shown to the right) or with a complete custom web interface which takes longer to develop and is more expensive.

Whichever way you decide - you can call us and we can discuss which way will work best for you!


Field Engineering

If you have a number of scattered sites around the country - but your IT department is at one end of the other of the country - we can help by providing IT support to your outlying sites, in our area!

This is a departure for Hera Systems, in that we will work with other companies who have an IT department (or resource), at their head office - but have a number of sites spread around the country.
Mostly - those sites can be managed from the head office... but sometimes, you need a hand's-on visit to take care of the issues - and that's going to cost - in travel, accomodation and time!

The solution to this cost issue - is simple! Call us - and we can do the site visit for you. You're still available, at the head office, to provide instructions over the phone if there's an issue we're not familiar with - and your costs go down because of it being less expensive for us to do the site work!

This is also helpful when someone on site needs some training. Obviously - if your business has bespoke software - we're unlikely to be sufficiently familiar to train that (right at the start)... but all the other software and general aspects of using computers can be trained on. See our training section for more details!

Call us - you know it makes sense!

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